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Hello Stranger – Bunker

When you leave Albania, you may take with you many pleasant memories , souvenirs and cheap option of fun but also lots of questions that came up in your mind. Before you judge too harshly, take a glimpse at the history of this place. Before you get upset with what seems wrong or paradoxically strange to you, go and take a look, not outside the box, but underneath the mental bunker. Before you leave this country, Albania, please go to Bunkart1 or Bunkart2. Do not leave the country without knowing its darkest places. You will be surprised to learn that there is where people tried to be colorful and particularly cheerful. You will better appreciate this country and its people. 

During the visit you will capture a sense of every day life during the regime. You will also find displays about the history from 1912 to 1991.

Bring a extra jacket on it is very cold down there!

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